Interesting Fan Encounter with Jim Caviezel

Came across this fan encounter with Jim. Some noteworthy details. Two words: Alpha Male. Great story. He also mentions the whole left vs. right handed topic.

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Posted Oct 26, 2011: All this talk of Jim Caviezel being left handed is accurate as I met him at Comic Con and he signed my poster. We talked a bit and I must say I have a man crush as he was every bit as handsome in person as one might think. I love the ladies but I recognize a alpha male when I see one, especially up close and he was very reserved and generous. I shook his hand and left him a greater fan than I was before, which I was already.

But going back to his being left handed, I believe he is ambidextrous, as he played basketball in college and I recall seeing him in clips on various tv shows (Wonder Years, Best Damn Sports Show) of him shooting right handed. So it makes sense that he’s bringing something from his own life into the show, making Reese even that much more of a bad ass as he shoots goons and punks, from the right and left. I really enjoy the show and pleased to find a forum that seems to enjoy it as much as I do. Some of you posters here make me smile. 

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    Let keep hope that you will have more opportunities. A 3rd season is pretty much guaranteed - so that leaves more Cons,...
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    Great fan encounter! Thanks for finding and posting it! I’m jealous that this person got Jim to sign their POI poster at...
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    really though, it’s a spec ops tactics thing. they have to be able to shoot with both hands. if it’s just jim being...
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    Does any of that sound like Jim to you? Most people who use the phrase “alpha male” have no idea what they’re actually...
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    Ah. Thank you. :)
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